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The Role of Motivation

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Motivation is a vital element to success. It is what keeps us learning new things and keeps us on track on accomplishing our goals. When we don’t have the right motivation, we don’t have the interest in accomplishing tasks that are needed.

An example of this is when we were trying to teach our youngest our phone number. For some reason, the last 4-digits were the ones he struggled with the most and I could tell he wasn’t really motivated to learn it. Using my creative parenting skills, I realized he just needed the proper motivation. I took the last 4 digits that he had been struggling with and put it as the access code the Ipad and surprise! He learned those last 4 digits within the day.

The role of motivation can be spread across a lot of domains. Having an allowance system is a great motivator in not only learning about the concept of money, but how to save, how to accomplish a goal and what the value of things really are. They help give perspective to our children. We live in a society of instant gratification. It is important now more than ever, to teach children how to work for things and how to accomplish their goals.

When our children want something pretty big, even though we can easily just go out there and get it for them, with our allowance system, they really learn the value of hard work and accomplishing a goal. We want to give them that motivation to save and see the importance of it. With giving them a visible goal, they can really envision what they are working towards and it keeps them motivated. Even when they don’t have something specific in mind, they know how great it feels to see something that they want to get or want to do and know that they already have the money there to spend it. It also gives them a sense of freedom because they know that they don’t have to plead and whine to us to get what they want. They can do it themselves!

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