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The Road to Four Hundred

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

I love the quote in this plaque - it is attached to a "just one share" certificate for Disney stock on my son's wall. 

But this philosophy doesn't just apply to stocks.  It's how I encourage our kids to look at their savings.  If they want, for example, a new gaming system, the $400 price tag can seem impossible.  But we start one dollar at a time.  And that means that every dollar in the Spending pocket is one dollar less in the Savings one. 

Then we look at opportunities for earning supplemental income.  (Thanks to one of my boys, all of my childhood photos are now scanned digitally, and I was happy to pay for his help). 

Are there any birthdays or holidays coming up that may help to add? 

$400 may seem like a lot, but it's actually surprising how realistic it can be.  But the road to 400, will always begin with 1.

The Road to Four Hundred, Ideas for parents about allowances and teaching kids about money and financial literacy, #4PocketAllowance

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