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The Importance of Goals

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

As adults we learn that goal setting is a great way to focus on what we truly want to accomplish. When we goal set, we are able to come up with a blue print or plan on the best way to achieve these goals. It helps us stay on track. Teaching this to our boys is important. We want to not only emphasize why setting goals is significant but also how to follow through on achieving them. This is how we continuously improve ourselves by growing and learning.

To do this, a great approach is to first have them sit down and create vision boards. By creating a vision board, this gave them a fun craft project to put together. We took magazines and print-outs from google searches and they were able to cut out pictures of goals that they want to achieve. To give them more focus, we had it broken up into themes such as a sports/physical activity goal, learning a new skill, current skills to improve, a creative activity (such as writing a story and making up a new board game) and future career interests.

We then begin to focus on short term goals as stepping stones to reach the larger goal. We help map out a plan for them to accomplish these tasks and ways to keep them on track. We follow up each week where we discuss the highs and lows of the week. This is also a great way we help build their self-confidence. When they accomplish each task and finally their main goal, there is a lot of self-satisfaction in this. It motivates them to reach for more!

We also try to model this behavior for them as well. We show them our goals and share with them our plan on how we hope to accomplish our goals. We also strive to try things new that we may be scared to do. Not only do we as parents, get the self-satisfaction of achieve the things we set for ourselves but when they see us go out of our comfort zone, it inspires them to do the same.

Goals may change and there may be frustration in the middle of this. However, it is a very important process for them to learn. This is a skill that they will not only be able to use throughout their educational career but it is very important in their adulthood.

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