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The Game of Money

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

The best way to learn is through play. Board games are a great way for children to start to grasp the concepts of money. There are many games for different age groups that are available on the market. Here is a fun list of games that are great at teaching financial literacy.

Monopoly Junior. For younger kids not completely ready for the real Monopoly, Monopoly junior is a great alternative. It is just like the classic game but kids can purchase fun properties like an ice cream parlor or a skate park. The still get to learn the concept of buying property, paying rent and fines. Unlike the classic monopoly, this game does not take forever to finish.

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Pay Day. Everyone loves Pay Day. This is a great game to learn about the benefits of saving. The objective is to acquire the most money at the end of the game. You learn how to save while still having to pay off debts. Children also get to learn about loans and paying interest on those. A simple and quick game, it only takes about 15 minutes to play the game from start to finish. Perfect for kids who don’t have a very long attention span.

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Money Bags Coin Value Game. For ages seven and above, this is a fun game on learning how to count money. With Money Bags, children learn basic money skills. Adding and subtracting and most importantly coin identification. All of the play money looks pretty real and true to life, making it easier for children to learn those early concepts of money.

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Allowance Game. This is a great game to help teach children the concepts of earning an allowance. It is fun and simple enough for children to relate to. It is great at teaching kids that money is not always just give to them as an allowance, that there are things they can do to earn more money. It also teaches them that spending money isn’t just about fun things like toys but other things you may need.

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The Game of Life. Remember as a child trying to decide whether to take the loan and go to university or launch in to the work world right at the start? Lots of great money planning lessons in this old favourite!

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