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Teaching Kids About Buying Local

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

One of our favorite things to do during the spring, summer and fall months is to check out the local farmer's markets on a weekend morning. We love to spend time with one another, checking out different merchants’ goods as well as giving our children an opportunity to purchase something that they would like.

Buying local is very important to us as a family. We know that our local farmers need our support and that it is hard for them to compete with big-box retailers. We like to talk about this fact with our children. We discuss how it helps the economy, as it helps provide more job opportunities for people and how it is important to invest in our local community.

We also really like to emphasize the importance of it being healthier to purchase produce from local farmers. Most farmers markets produce has been minimally processed. There are fewer pesticides and hormones used. We also like that we are getting produce that is pretty fresh. We like to talk to each farmer about their growing practices.

We typically allow our children to spend a bit of money and let them choose something to buy. This gives them the opportunity to have fun purchasing something healthy rather than something that has been over-processed junk food. They learn to shop wisely, talk to the farmer about their selection and gives them the opportunity to make money decisions.

When they bring what they bought home, we prepare it together. Have a picky eater? This is a great way to encourage healthy eating. Kids are more likely to eat the things they have made the decision to buy and helped prepare. We are teaching our kids how to cook and they are really seeing a business process in a full cycle. We purchase the product directly from the grower, eliminating the middleman, then we take our goods home to cook it and enjoy it ourselves!

Buying local is a great way to touch on many important topics. They learn about nutrition, we spend time as a family and it gets them off of those electronic screens. It is also a great way to introduce them to the importance of community and why it is so important to connect with people face to face. Make local farmers market be your weekend family tradition!

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