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Shopping with a Conscience

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

As children start to feel empowered to spend their own money, it’s natural that they will initially be focused on what their spending can do for them.

But with time, and a little guidance, they can increasingly become aware of what their spending can do for others in the world.

Talking to our kids about what our purchases mean for a local shop, compared with a big box store can be eye opening. But its not just about big vs. little stores. Lots of large companies donate some of their proceeds to charity, or choose only sustainable sources. Different companies have different policies about outsourcing, cheap overseas labour, and even what materials and packaging they will use. This can be a great dinner time conversation.

This often naturally leads to a discussion about balance. Sometimes it costs more money to support smaller or more conscientious companies. This won’t necessarily always work for everyone’s budget. How do we balance our purchases? What are other ways that we can make our views known to companies?

Through these discussions, kids will start to understand that money isn’t just about what they can buy, but our spending decisions, and the companies we support, are a way of sending a message to the world.

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