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Lights, Camera......candy?

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

The movie theatre has been one of the easiest places for our kids to learn about money.  I remember shortly after we implemented our allowance system, we were going to the movies, and our kids made their usual pitch for candy.  Only this time, we said they were welcome to get whatever they wanted....with their own money.  At first they were excited, and were busy deciding which treat they wanted.   

But then, they did the math.  And they were shocked.  They soon returned to us, outraged, with comments to the effect "why would I buy it here, when I could get the same candy at the dollar store, WAY cheaper". 

Once in a while, one of them still gives in to temptation, but that's OK.  They are learning to compare prices - and that if they splurge over here, it means they sacrifice over there.  Besides, who am I to criticize the occasional treat. 

And, as I say to them often, if it's not worth spending your money on, why would it be worth spending mine?

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