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Dinner Conversations

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

In our house, dinner is not only a great time to catch up on everyone's day. With a house full of little people who seem to have a more fulfilling social life than you, we use this time to connect. It feels like I’ve been demoted to chauffer, shuffling them to their various activities throughout the week. It is our time at dinner that I value and gives me an opportunity to feel like a parent once again. But as most parents know, sometimes it’s a bit hard to get your child to share and contribute to the conversation. We love to throw out a "Topic of the Day" for discussion to get everything thinking and sharing ideas.

This is a great way to introduce topics related to money, in a way that feels relaxed, and less preachy. I know our kids can definitely sense it coming when we sit down to "impart our wisdom", and their eyes glaze over. Remember how you felt when your parents told you that you didn’t know the meaning of a dollar? Dinner chats also allow for a two-way dialogue, rather than a one-way lesson. Lessons are better learned when you are prompted there all by yourself, rather than getting a lecture.

Here are some ideas for some fun dinner conversations. Some of the answers we get back can be silly, and sometimes the conversations go in directions I would not have anticipated. But remember that what is most important is that money is something our kids can talk openly about, and that they begin to give some thought to the big picture.

Dinner conversation Ideas:

- Why is important to Save? Give? Invest? What would happen if we only Spent?

- Why do we pay taxes? What things around us do they pay for?

- How can money be used to make more money?

- To what extend does having lots of money make people happier? To what extent does it not?

- If you could go back in time, and not make a purchase you made, what would it be?

- What is the best thing you ever bought?

- What is the worst thing you ever bought?

- Do you prefer to spend money on "things" or "experiences"?

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