Our Story

In our beautiful blended family with 3 boys, we were constantly being asked “can you buy me this?”  We had raised our kids not to be overly materialistic, but it seemed like wherever we went, there was something there to entice them, from museum gift shops to checkout lanes at the grocery store.  As much as we were doing our best to teach our kids that they couldn’t have everything they asked for, it felt like they weren’t learning real money management when we were deciding the select items they did get in the end.  Plus, money to them was a foreign concept as they saw us swipe or tap a card at the cashier. 

So, I set to work putting together the original 4PA – it was a makeshift compilation of envelopes in an accordion folder from the dollar store.  We decided on amounts, and set out teaching our kids about money management. 

For those that know me, know I have been raving about the outcomes of our experiment.  We no longer had kids asking to buy things – it was their decision on where they spent their money, but if they ran out, that was it.


At first, it was a mad rush to spend, but over time, they started to prioritize purchases, comparison shop, set goals and take pride in charitable giving.  They also started asking more questions about their long term investing money and what it would be for in the future.


After sharing our experience with family and friends over the past few years, we decided to share what we had learned more broadly.  The 4PA is a privately produced product – all the graphic design, and marketing were done in-house.  We think you’ll love what it can do for your family, as we know what it has done for ours.