I may not have a crystal ball,

but I see an ALLOWANCE

in your family's future!

Allowances are nothing new...but not all allowances are created equal.

We want to get you started on the right foot, with lots of ideas, tips and tricks, and just enough flexibility that you can make it your own.

When you download The Smart Parents Guide to Launching an Allowance, you’ll find:


Our 4 Pocket Allowance structure - Focused on kids dividing their money between saving, spending, giving and investing.  We talk about how much money, and whether it should be linked to chores


Tips for Ensuring Success - Worried you'll always be trying to break a $20 bill on allowance day?  Wondering what ground rules should be in place.  We've got you covered!


Ideas for your Kick-off Family Meeting – When rubber hits the road, we'll be right beside you in the passenger seat.  

Are you ready to start empowering your kids to manage their own money?