Your Ultimate Toolkit for Teaching Your Kids Financial Literacy….and a little Responsibility too!

As parents, we all want our kids to grow up with money smart.  After all, money smart kids become money savvy adults.  But where do you even begin?

Enter my latest (and greatest) freebie, the Money Toolkit for Kids.

This toolkit gives you kid-friendly money resources and tips to help you teach your kids why it’s important to save, prioritize, and plan.

When you download the Toolkit, you’ll receive:


1. The Parent’s Choose Your Own Money Adventure - Choose from 4 goals for teaching your kids about money and this PDF will guide you through activities, discussions and challenges associated with that goal!


2. The Money Concept Flashcards - Support your Money Adventure by introducing engaging and fun discussions about money with the whole family with this series of 12 flashcards. (seriously, where were these when I was a kid?)


3. My Super Savings Planner – Your kids won’t just know how to save, but they’ll build the habits to do it - this planner helps kids create savings goals and plans,  as well as helps them track their progress towards their goal!

Are you ready to start choosing your money adventure today?