Gumball Giving Challenge

Are you looking for a fun challenge for your kids to get them excited about fundraising for a good cause?  So much fundraising today is done online and kids don't get to see it...they aren't collecting the donations the way we used to.  And teaching kids to give is such an important part of raising money-smart kids.

Whether you're looking for a homeschool giving project or something for your whole family to get in on, try The Gumball Giving Challenge.

The goal is to raise $100 for a great cause of your choice.

And our fun gumball poster will help you to track your progress. Kids get to color in one gumball for each dollar raised.

When you purchase our poster, we'll also send you a free download outlining 12 ways that kids can raise money.

So, what are you waiting for?  Click the button below to visit our shop.

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