4 Pocket Allowance

The Perfect Gift for your

Family Clients



Do you ever hear your clients say the words


“I wish I had

started earlier”?  

And how much would it mean to them, knowing that you helped them to raise kids that actually did start earlier?

My name is Sarah, and in addition to being a certified financial educator, I’m also the creator of the 4 Pocket Allowance - a money management system for kids.

Your clients have taken the step to work with you, so they obviously care about their own finances.  And for those who are also parents, they care about raising their kids to be good with their own money.  I would love to help you to support your clients in raising a whole generation of money savvy kids.  


Our money management system is a great gift to give your parent clients to show that you not only appreciate their business, but also truly care about their financial legacies.


I’m offering a special rate to financial advisors and other financial professionals, with free delivery to you in the Ottawa area.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss, I would love to chat.


Contact me at info@4PocketAllowance.com 

I look forward to working together to raise a money savvy generation!