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4 Pocket Allowance

As its name suggests, the 4PA is a comprehensive allowance system that guides kids in allocating money into 4 different pockets:

Spending: a little pocket money for dollar store treats, or playing cards.

Saving: saving for a specific goal like a larger purchase, or spending money for a family vacation.

Giving: money to be used for selfless acts, such as a charitable donation or a gift for a friend.

Investing: money that is set aside for long term goal like education fund or stock account.

For more ideas on how to use each pocket, click here.


The kit also includes a 5th pocket, labelled as “Reserve” – this pocket is for parents to stockpile small denominations (bills, coins) to avoid a weekly scramble, and the inevitable problems of constantly trying to break a $20 bill.


The kit comes in a fun binder with magnetic closure, and also includes printed material and an allowance worksheet – everything you need to get you going, and to keep you on track.